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Type "8" (5 Euro Zodiac) subscription NUM 2020

Code: 2020-NUM-abbonamenti-8

The subscription called "8" regards the reservation and invoicing, on the issue day, of the four 5 Euro monometallic uncirculated coins, dedicated to the Zodiac “Libra”, “Scorpio” and “Sagittarius”.
The coins will be issued indicatively on the 27/08/2020.
On subscriptions made within the 28th of February 2020 we will apply the promotional price quoted in the order form.
The amount quoted includes: price of coins (with capsules); possible taxes; delivery costs
In case you order other coins issued on the same day, you will pay the delivery costs only once and consequently spare a substantial amount.
The credit sum will remain at your disposal on your account for next purchases.

It is possible to get max 5 of 5 Euro coin The images are the 5 Euro coin of 2019
  • Date of issue: 27 08 2020
  • Value: €15
  • Theme: Monometallic (008 e 013)
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