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10 Euro monometallic "Alpini"

Code: 319

The coin commemorates the 93rd National Alpini Assembly Rimini-San Marino, which will take place in Rimini from the 7th to the 10th of May 2020, and it reproduces on the reverse an Alpino cap. Founded in 1919 in Milan, the National Alpini Association is composed by those who served in the military Alpini Troops and nowadays it has about 300,000 members, all over the world. By concession of: National Alpini Association
  • Author: Sandra Deiana - Antonella Napolione
  • Date of issue: 05 03 2020
  • Value: €10,00
  • Theme: Monometallic (008 e 013)
  • Print run: 100.000
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