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40th Anniversary of the foundation of Istituto Musicale Sammarinese

Code: 624

The Istituto Musicale Sammarinese was founded in 1975, when the first music education classes took place. In 1979 it became autonomous and then it achieved the legal acknowledgement as no-profit organization for the promotion of musical culture and technical-professional qualification for the young people. In 1994 it became a public self-standing corporation. Nowadays, with more than 400 subscribers every year, it is the main music school in San Marino. It offers a wide range of classes of propaedeutics, with the appreciated didactic class called “Musicagiocando”, pre-Academic and Academic classes for all the instruments. The Ufficio Filatelico e Numismatico payed homage to the universal language of music on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the foundation of Istituto Musicale Sammarinese, with a philatelic set. The 3.30€ value, designed by the Sammarinese artist Eleonora Mazza, shows a little girl playing guitar.
  • Author: Eleonora Mazza
  • Printing: 4 colour offset and yellow fluorescent invisible ink by BDT International Security Printing
  • Perforation: 14 x 15
  • Date of issue: 23 10 2015
  • Value: €3,30
  • Theme: Sheets of 20
  • Print run: 40.000
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