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20 Euro oro Proof «40th anniversary of the accession of San Marino to the OMS»

Code: 331

The reverse of the coin shows two open hands protecting and supporting a stylized globe, symbol of human health care. They represent San Marino and the WHO who have been working together for this same purpose for 40 years and they embody the spirit of international collaboration that is at the basis of the WHO and of all the countries that are part of it. The coin is completed by the Three Towers with three feathers and the line of an electrocardiogram.

Gold: 900/000 proof
Weight: gr. 6,451
Diameter: 21 mm.
Edge: milled
Coinage: Muenze Oesterreich AG
  • Author: Antonella Napolione - Chiara Principe
  • Date of issue: 05 11 2020
  • Value: €20
  • Theme: Gold coins (006)
  • Print run: 600
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