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Gold Diptych with 20 and 50 Euro Proof 25th Anniversary of the entry of San Marino in UNO

Code: 295

Thanks to the century-old history of freedom, neutrality and respect for human rights, the Republic of San Marino, after five years as observer, on the 2nd March 1992 became a full member of the United Nations. This was established through Security Council Resolution no.774, approved by acclamation on the 24th February of the same year. After this date, San Marino also joined other UN agencies. The main aims of the UN are the maintenance of peace and security, the development of friendly relations among nations, the promotion of economic and social cooperation, the promotion of respect for human rights and the promotion of disarmament. The reverse sides of the 20 and 50 euro coins represent respectively a dove, symbol of peace, with an olive branch, and the three Towers surrounded by a crown of olive branches, inspired by the UN logo.

Gold: 900/000 proof
Weight: gr. 16,129 (€50) + gr. 6,451 (€20)
Diameter: mm. 28 (€50) – mm. 21 (€20)
Edge: continuous milling
Coinage: I.P.Z.S., Rome
  • Author: Andrew Lewis - Antonella Napolione
  • Date of issue: 19 10 2017
  • Value: 20€ - 50€
  • Theme: Gold coins (006)
  • Print run: 500
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