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5 Euro Silver proof coin Giovanni Bellini

Code: 276

Giovanni Bellini, one of the best painters of the Renaissance, painted the famous work of art Madonna of the Meadow, oil on wood, then transferred to canvas, that dates back to the beginning of the 16th century. Now it is kept in the National Gallery in London (Giovanni Bellini, Madonna of the Meadow©The National Gallery, London). Even if the Madonna and Child is a recurring subject in his production, the peculiarity of this painting is the insertion of the holy figures for the first time in a natural landscape, which is represented with such attention to be an integral part of the painting. The British artist Matt Bonaccorsi reproduced the Madonna of the Meadow on the 5 Euro silver proof coin on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the death of the Venetian painter.
  • Author: Matt Bonaccorsi / Antonella Napolione
  • Date of issue: 29 04 2016
  • Value: €5.00
  • Theme: Silver coins (003)
  • Print run: 4.000 sets
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