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Architectural elements on San Marino: Castles of Faetano and Montegiardino

Code: 274

The two 20 and 50 euro gold coins are dedicated to the architectural elements of San Marino. In 2015 the set wants to celebrate Faetano and Montegiardino. It represents not only the artistic and monuments peculiarities of the Republic but also the country’s historical memory and identity. In the 20 euro gold coin it is represented on the right the coat of arms of Faetano which refers to the name of the country (Faetano comes from “Bosco dei faggi” that is to say beeches wood). In the central part there is the church “San Paolo Apostolo” which was designed by the Capuchin Angelo da Cassano, with the direction of Luigi Guidi. The building of the church started at the end of the 19th century and was renovated after the first World War; Father Amedeo Botticelli made the inside decorations. The 50 euro gold coin is dedicated to Montegiardino which is the smallest village of San Marino. On the left side there is the coat of arms and in the centre a piece of the village with its characteristic houses and small alleys.

Gold: 900/000 proof
Weight: gr. 16,129 (€50) + gr. 6,451 (€20)
Diameter: mm. 28 (€50) – mm. 21 (€20)
Edge: continuous milling
Coinage: I.P.Z.S., Rome
  • Author: Arno Ludwig / Antonella Napolione
  • Date of issue: 04 11 2015
  • Value: €20,00 + €50,00
  • Theme: Gold coins (006)
  • Print run: 750 sets
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